Sunday, March 4, 2012

Not much to say here...hope you enjoy your Sunday! <3

...And VOTE FOR ME! 

I must say...this is a great ass pic! Totally spankable!


  1. I concur with your assessment of the ass pic. Hot pictures.

  2. Very steamy hot pics today!!! :D
    You have a lovely lazy Sunday!

    Hope you win that STP Babe of the Month voting!

  3. You have such an amazing body and one of the parts I love most is your perfectly shaped ass, I agree so spank-able....

  4. Oh my god what great photos. I've always aid your rear is one of yr best features. Park a bike there forever and a day.
    Beautiful thank you Mina.

  5. Hi Mina,

    You have a wonderfull blog! I came across this blog, when I saw you on STP Babes. I've been following Brianna Frost for quite a while, since I'm a huge fan of her, but your pictures here are so hot!
    Nice to see a follow blogger, with similar intentions here on blogger. I'll keep following you here and on twitter.

    With lots of love and kisses,

    Alicia Casiraghi