Monday, March 5, 2012

I think today was a pretty good day for me...I woke up late-ish because I had a pretty late night, but then I had a really bad stomach ache...thankfully it went away after not too long. Then I went and walked around the mall for a while for some warm exercise..and then "IT" happened...I had an epic poutine for lunch w/ extra cheese. I think this was one of the few times i was actually experiencing euphoria from was amazing. And not an ounce of guilt for it either.

theeeen I came home, carb crashed, had a nap then worked out super hard for an hour! Now i gotta quickly get changed and head over to my favorite thai place, @KhaosanroadTO ^_^

Hope everyone is having a bad ass monday night!!

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  1. Sexy Mina...glad you got to feeling better too.

  2. These are very hot pictures, you have such a rockin hot body!!

  3. Enjoy your Thai dinner! :D

    Luvin' how you're rocking that belly jewelry... HOT ;)

  4. Digging the sparkly navel! Have a great week!