Monday, March 19, 2012

hey guys!! I hope everyone had a great and safe St. Patrick's day this weekend...Apparently there was a RIOT in London, Ont...Something like 1,000 kids got crazy drunk and lit a news van on fire and then it all went down hill from there!
Today was a beautiful day here in Toronto! They said it was supposed to be a high of 21C, but it definitely felt warmer, more like 24C.. And they're saying Wednesday is supposed to be 25C(77F)!!! That's out of control HOT! Especially for this time of year...has me worried for what kind of summer were in for.

Maybe I should just wear fishnets all summer...would probably be a lot more comfortable :/


  1. Fishnet suits you just fine....super sexy...enjoy the early Spring and we get to enjoy less clothes....thanks for posting....Love the fishnet

  2. You always look hot, and these shots really show off your oh so perfect body!!

  3. Glad you're alright even with the riot happening in your providence!

    Yeah feels like Spring came early and if ya did wear fishnets all summer long, I'm afraid a lot of men would either broken their noses from tripping over turning their heads checking ya out as you walk down the street hehe.

    You look like a rock star in that outfit!! ;)
    Definitely HOT HOT HOT!

  4. One of the best outfits yet..... gorgeous xxx