Sunday, February 19, 2012

SOOO sorry that I haven't posted more pics recently!! I have zero excuse *hangs head in shame*
But I've been having a great weekend!! Some friends are in town from Ottawa so I've been hanging out with them a bit. I've been quite social lately with lots of different people. Usually I hang out with the same 2-3 people but this weekend its more like 10-13.

Today I went for dimsum then went to an anime store a block away, and they had soo much awesome stuff! i just wanna grab a sleeping bag and break into the place, bring some chips and read anime all night with a flash light! haha

I just finished taking a butt load of new pics + I got all caught up on my backed up videos that I owed people from gifts and custom videos. :)  Now I'm going to sip some sake and do all the editing!!

Love you long time!!! ^_^

By the way...SO effing excited for The Walking Dead tonight!!!! >_<


  1. Very hot pics Mina glad you are having a great weekend thanks for taking time to post some new pics

  2. You shouldn't feel ashamed, its good you got to catch up with your friends!

    BTW great blue themed photo set!!! Nothing but the best from you Mina!

  3. No need to be sorry, we all have lives to live and you are more than worth the wait, love this set as I love seeing the sexy tan lines ;)! Hope you have an awesome week...

  4. beautiful lovely sexy desireable