Saturday, February 4, 2012

im terribly sorry that I havent blogged in a WEEK! I was just so distracted with being in the Dominican and then getting my life back in order at home, and now I have the flu! I'm convinced I caught it on the plane...

So here are a mix of candid/personal pics from my little get away and i'll be sure to share some of the sexier stuff with you real soon ;)

This was taken on my last night there right before going to dinner

Ohai! I'm just waiting to board my plane! (in Toronto)

...Still waiting. 

I had gotten a pretty bad sun burn which turned into a nice tan! Its hard to see the redness in that light

My toes never seem to tan... 

This is pretty much what I look like when tanning...the less the better!

Having dinner at the Mexican restaurant...they had the most amazing tortilla soup!

A candid pic of me tanning...not the most flattering pic but it gives you an idea of what I really look like when tanning! lol


  1. like the pictures, II guess I will do start to make paintings with these great pics you will see the results soon

  2. You look great even with the flu.....thanks for sharing the tanning pictures to...I have to agree I'm glad you tan like that....feel better real soon.

  3. Your beauty can turn anyone's day around in an instant

    And your 4th picture....goodness! Talk about divine!

  4. Very beautiful shots, I was kind of hoping to see a shot of the tan lines from your minor sun burn ;)..But as usual you look stunning...

  5. Looks like you had a blast there! Always enjoy your candid pics! Sorry again you got sun burned while you were down there, I hope its all better now.

  6. if I saw u tanning like that around me I would be pitching a 1 pole tent in my shorts :o