Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm so glad that I'm feeling a lot better today then i was yesterday...I spent pretty much the entire day in bed or on the couch just trying to get better! Today I did a little bit of work, only a couple videos, and I'll do the rest tomorrow only because I dont need a repeat of Monday to happen where I over work myself and end up more sick...I'm so sick of being sick!

In other news, I dont know why but I decided to take a pic of what I'm wearing today..I'm weird I guess...and check out my SICK new shoes!! I LOVE these!! they're like old man meets rock and roll...very Keith Richards <3<3<3

My Favorite Jeans 

My bum <3

LOVE these shoes! 


I'll post some sexier pics later...pinky swear!


  1. I really love this last pictures they are great. Thank you Mina :D

  2. You Look Great In Anything You Wear

  3. Glad to hear youre feeling better Mina :) Great pics

  4. Very sexy, I do love the way those jeans fit, :)...

  5. You look great in those jeans!!!

    I've missed when you did a lot of candid outfits of the day, thank you for doing so today and once again, you look stunning!!! :D

  6. Looking very sexi in the jeans.... hugging you just nice :-)