Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dominican Update

Hi all!!

I apologize for not blogging much...I feel like I've actually been quite busy while I'm here in Punta Cana. So 2 days ago I went for a massage in the evening and the woman that was my masseuse was so strong, she honestly must wrangle cattle when she's not giving people massages. She was a bit too strong for me even though i did ask her to lighten up on the grip, lol.
I also accidentally got a sun burn on my face and chest...its worse on my chest and for anyone who likes tan lines, you'll love these because they're pretty noticeable.
This morning I went back to the spa to get this body wrap treatment for sunburns in hopes of getting the redness to come down because I'm still here to shoot and dont want to look like an idiot in my pics (ha ha) so this treatment. let me walk you though it.

I started by putting on a pair of disposable panties and getting totally undressed and sitting on a massage table with a plastic sheet on it, face up, with a towel covering my boobies. a much smaller women then the previous one comes in and starts by pressing down on my body, like shes kneading bread and finished by putting a face cloth over my eyes and squishing my head. Then she takes a bottle of something and starts to spray it all over my body starting at my feet, legs, working up and after spraying she rubs it in nicely. after doing this all over my body she then warns me shes going to put something on my body thats a "little bit cold". This is the part where a language barrier came into play as she didnt tell me she was going to put something that resembled icy-hot all over my body. and I mean ALL over. the bottoms of my feet, almost at my lady parts...then once shes finished covering my body in icy-hot she takes the plastic sheet and wraps me in it. then she wraps me with a heavy blanket, and then lastly something that is oddly close to a deflated air mattress. "Are you comfortable?" she asks... "yes" i respond but let me tell you, the feeling of ice and a fever for 15-20 minutes is not comfortable. i was shivering so much, involuntarily while she gave me a very nice head and face massage that i didnt really enjoy to the fullest being cold and all...finally i hear the most comforting and relieving sound. a shower. she prepares a hot shower for me as she removes my cocoon. I though I was uncomfortable IN the cocoon? no fucking way. it was a million times colder by the time she peeled the plastic off my body...I was shivering my way into the shower, boobies exposed and it was like I had just felt hot water for the first time in months, lol. after rinsing myself off she instructs me to remove my panties and step out of the shower. she hands me a hot towel and asks me to lay face down on the massage table. it was nice and warm thanks to a heating pad under the sheet :) she then rubs aloe vera all over my body and then dings a cute little bell to indicate that my treatment is over :) she hands me back my robe, which is also nice and warm and as i exit the room shes waiting with a hot tea...

so in conclusion, it sucked for the most part but actually did what it was supposed to and really reduced the redness on my chest :)

thanks to the 4 of you who probably read this and i hope you check back in a little while for some pics :)



  1. Sounds like although it may have been uncomfortable at the time the results were positive and you will be able to do your shoot without looking like a lobster. Oh and I myself am a fan of tan lines so I hope we still get to see some pictures of those, I'm sure they look smokin hot on your sexy body....

  2. Sorry to hear about your sunburn :(

    The treatment sounded a bit rough, then a bit cold, and then uncomfortable but I'm glad it did in the end do the trick :)

    No worries about not writing as much, sounds like you're having a phenomenal time out there, enjoy the rest of your time down there and can't wait to see the results of the photo shoot :D

  3. I am one of the four! Lol Sounds like you are having a great vacation thou!I am also a fan of tan lines!

  4. your story about the treatment is so sexy jijijij i hope u feel better by now... and hopefully u'll enjoy your time there
    love you lots mina!!

  5. Lmao i live in the dominican republic, i hacve been here for like 3 years