Thursday, January 5, 2012

Before I open my mouth and receive a barrage of "ungrateful bitch" comments, let me say that I pretty much ALWAYS make a custom video for multiple videos for people who purchase items off my amazon wish list. Im always so flattered and very appreciative that someone would go out of their way to spend their money on spoiling me.
Now, with my appreciation shown, I need to ask that people stop fucking with my wish list. And what I mean by that is by doing your personal shopping and "buying this item elsewhere" so it shows as purchased. I get that I have a totally awesome wish list and you can't help but buy yourself items off of it, but seriously, it messes up my wish list and doesn't allow other people to legitimately purchase those items.

These are just a couple of the items that were shown as "Purchased" on my wish list...and after calling Amazon to inquire where they were, they informed my that most of them weren't purchased, aside from the webcam which someone (they wouldn't tell me who due to privacy reasons) purchased for themselves. 

So please, resist the urge to go pretend shopping on my WL, because it's not gonna get you a free video if that's what you were hoping for. 

...Check back later for some new free pics. 

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  1. SHAME SHAME SHAME how dare people take advantage of u ...the nerve of sum people