Monday, December 26, 2011

well...Happy Boxing Day everyone! To be honest, I'm quite thankful that Christmas is over because it exhausted me!! Because I was raised in a European household, Christmas Eve is really the big deal in my household so everyone came over to my place this year. It was mostly friends, and my mom...there was about 10 or 11 people. Doesnt sound like much but that many people in a 1,000 sqft place gets tight. It was still fun though. I was running around all day so by 2am, I was ready for bed...Chola too. By the end of the night she was biting people and snarling at them because everyone had been drinking and they were petting her for like 6 hours straight, lol... Christmas Day I went for dimsum with a friend and then spent the day cleaning my place from the night before...also took forever to clean only to have an hour to rest and change for 3 more people to come back over for dinner to help finish up left overs, lol. It was nice though, much more relaxed then the night before. All in all, I'm glad its over and only happens once a year!!

I got some pretty great things for Christmas, James bought me a new 3DS which is probably my favorite gift of all of them!!! :D I also got some mittens and my mom bought me an amazing new professional Pot/Pan set.. cost her a cool $1000.

I forgot that I also had these extra Holiday pics, so better late then never!! I hope everyone is getting some good deals on things today! Im just too tired to go out there and face crowds so ill go in a couple days and see whats left *shrugs*


  1. Sexy pictures...but like you said, glad its over....Glad you had a good Holiday and thanks for sharing

  2. Glad you had a good Christmas!

  3. Sounds like one heck of party! I'm sure your food was delicious as well!

    Congrats on getting the 3DS!

    You look sexy as always!! Did ya where anything special during the dinner?

  4. Cute as a button :)))

    my xmas hasnt been that great. Mixed. So your in good company. My nanas in hospital after falling down the stairs :(