Wednesday, December 14, 2011

today has been one hell of a lazy day!! and im blaming in on the rain!! here in toronto the weather has been freakishly warm for this time of year...tomorrow its going up to 12C. It doesnt look like I'm going to be having a white Christmas this year :(  I suppose it could always be worse though!!

Just a reminder, if you havent already checked it out, please click on the sexy santa pic, a few posts down to see my holiday interview with The Smoking Jacket!!

And if you wanted to spoil me for Christmas, I would do it fast because its less then 2 weeks away!! you can just click the "spoil mina" link to be forwarded to my wishlist :)

Hope everyone has a great evening!


  1. You have done it again, these shots are so very hot and sexy, but on you how could they not be...

  2. A rainy day usually does = Lazy Day :D

    But wow thank you for the Sexy-Palooza Pics today!! Each one sexier than the other ;)

  3. Better rain than snow.
    pretty to watch & look at (like someone I know *hint hint) but no fun to walk in

    I can tell the purple ones r old pics (no ring)

  4. lol Joey...I definitely took those a few days ago and just reversed the purple ass pic for a better watermark position...

  5. AAAND, I've had my ring since before I started modeling online ;)

  6. Ah i only wish i could remove those little hears you added to your photo. But as always thank you! You are amazing!!