Tuesday, December 6, 2011

hey guys!

how was your weekend and Monday? Mine was alright, not too much to really report. Monday was kind of a bad day for me...i just woke up kind of cranky i guess...but today I was feeling much better, and I even got some incredible gifts in the mail!! I got 2 video games, COD and Skyrim AND another sailor moon toy!!!! it was a rally great day :)

Oh, any btw, heres some sexier pics :)

Have a great evening <3


  1. Awesome! Now you can join the rest of us in the addiction of both those games hehe :)

    BTW, lovely pics in that red outfit!
    I hear the song "lady in red" in the background :D

  2. Love the very sexy red outfit, love how it shows off your perfect body...

  3. COD is fun you should play online! Thanks for the sexy pics you angel!

  4. it's cold out here (31 degrees) and you sure know how to make it hot!!