Saturday, November 19, 2011

Today has been an exhausting day...
First, I slept terribly because in the middle of the night, around 2:30, someone in my building pulled the fire alarm...Not only did the fire department take what felt like forever getting there, but they had to find which alarm was pulled to reset it...every time they would shut it off, it would go again..i have a headache just thinking about it, lol. I woke up early-ish and went to Flirty Girl Fitness for a 2 hour workout. My first class was cardio kickboxing and then second class was abs legs and booty. My girlfriend happens to be a trainer there and she led both classes....bitch is hardcore, lol...I almost passed out in the cardio class. Heather met me for the abs, legs and booty class and she stayed for the video vixen one after.

After my crazy long workout i had a quick shower, some more coffee then just puttered around the city. I haven't managed to get my energy back after this mornings workout...I even had a short nap before coming to work...hopefully tonight goes by quickly so I can go home and go to BED!!

Hope everyone is having a great night!!



  1. Busy day but you will appreciate your workout part tomorrow or in the days ahead....someone needs to be woken up when they need sleep with that fire alarm...but what can you do. Sleep better tonight and thanks for the sexy picture.

  2. Sonds like your night and day have been busy, hope you have a better night tonight. Love the new picture as usual you are smokin hot!!

  3. That's amazing you were able to pull off the workout after a terrible night's sleep. Hope you will finally get some much needed sleep!

    BTW looking mighty fine in that teal set ;)
    Thank you for always spoiling us!!!

  4. Wow such a busy women! Well you look amazing!

  5. Wow!! Toooooo sexy! Great picture mina