Thursday, October 27, 2011

just expressing my feelings...

hey guys!! I know that only 10 of your or so are going to read this, and ironically, this isn't meant towards you...

I truly feel like I get zero appreciation from you guys. I swore to myself that I didn't want to have a paysite because not everyone wants to pay for a monthly membership.  All I ask in return is RT's on Twitter, that you click +1 below my blog posts and that you occasionally purchase video offers or items off my wish list to contribute to the endless free content I post. 

Lately, you guys aren't even caring when I post stuff, which is almost I think I'm going to follow suit with the popular cam girls and reduce my posts to about once a week. Until I see some more appreciation, there's no point in me posting because believe me, I dont post for my own amusement, I post for yours. 

Tomorrow will be my last post for a few days and its gonna be a good one so make sure to check in!



  1. I can understand that....obviously its not for your benefit when its free....yes many many sexy pictures, and really I also love the updates on whats going on in your life...and with so many followers, not sure why there are not many comments. I for one hope you continue, but understand if you don't....I miss some from being at work, or just plain not online....but always well worth your pictures...thanks for what you have been doing and you do just what you want to.

  2. I can't say as I blame you even though I will for sure miss your posts here, but hope you will continue your sexy tweets, I always try to retweet your sexy posts and even got one of my friends to retweet a couple yesterday. You are a stunning young lady and hope things return to normal and other wake up and start helping you out.

  3. I have to say I totally understand. I comment and post when I can and I'm totally supportive but all this makes you money and like any business you gotta restrict what you give for what you get. You'll probably do better in that regard than just throwing out free content to be polite. You're definitely beautiful enough to encourage people to buy your videos and pics!

  4. I wish more people would show the love...cause you deserve it.

    I did mention this last time though, I think some people don't post because they don't want to sign up for a google/live journal/word press etc account to post. Most blog sites just require a name & an email addy (to prove you're not a bot).

    Either way, I enjoy the posts/pics, and I will miss the posts that I enjoy on my train home.

  5. I can understand your post Mins. I certainly hope that you know everyone does not feel that way. You are appreciated!

  6. I understand very much Mina, I know just how much work it costs you in time and effort in supplying us with such great photos and posts. I will stand behind you, no matter what.

  7. Like what you do - love from Denmark i Europa

  8. Mina,

    First of all I want to thank you for all the hard work you do every single day, I personally think you are unique in this business who offers stuff for free and your prices are extremely affordable!

    You have all the right to decide what you want to do with your life and business. One thing I am going to tell you... I wish you the BEST of luck on any project you may have already in mind. I am sure you will do just fine. You personality and charisma make you stand out from the crowd.

    Trust me! I visit your site almost everyday! and every time I visit your site I leave wanting more and more! it has been such an amazing experience visiting such an amazing site with one of a kind content...

    I have placed a few orders and you know it, my schedule is soo busy that I rarely have time to even say hello on all your posts.. Honestly.. I hate the Captcha thing.. so hate it! :D and when you are using an iPad is even worst! what a pain!

    Be certain that I will always keep and touch and order some privates :D that is for sure... your work is worth a lot.

    Please never hesitate to send me an e-mail if you ever need anything... PLEASE! I am here for you and for you only. Seeing your posts every night I go to sleep has become a habit and trust me I will miss it!

    Take care my dear and please be sure that you will never be forgotten... Mina Stefan will always be in my heart. I know you are not saying a definite Goodbye but for me I feel it that way.

    Yours truly,

    Video Producer/Technical Director

  9. I know you're upset of the people whom don't appreciate all your hard work. But I and the others above definitely do appreciate every thing thing you do. Whether you tweet us pics and/or vids. Even to tweeting your daily routine just to know that things are going good or bad.

    You're truly a generous model and deserve better! Be you and don't stop being you. Your work is a work of art!!

  10. You are very much appreciated Mina! You are the most naturally beautiful girl I have ever seen and so tasteful. I am sorry that you have not been getting the support you deserve, but know that your real fans, are real fans, and we love you.

  11. Hey, it's fine by me, some guys ACTUALLY hate tease and want to see some naked content. I'd rather pay for a cam session and see you naked rather than donating money to your blog. I appreciate your work, but I don't know what I'm paying for, I am a photographer and I appreciate art and what you post here has nothing do to with art, it mostly consists of close-ups of your ass and breasts, squeezing your breasts, seethrough with pasties, etc. It's just teasing, any girl with a decent body could do it fine and I do not encourage it.

    So if the content of this blog is not about art and it does not address to the mature audience (because it has no nudity), ask yourself why you have no feedback and no donations.

    Don`t get me wrong, you should get more appreciation for your hard work, but maybe you should focus your work elsewhere, maybe go nude and drop the "to the limit of non-nude" act, maybe a camgirl, maybe try and take part at more classy lingerie shoots (not homemade close-ups of your goods). You have a beautiful body, just stop the teasing. Go nude or show less skin, nobody likes a perpetuum mobile tease.

  12. Just wanted to say that you are definitely appreciated Mina.... Fantastic body and a great personality to go with it.... You are probably most men's ideal woman.... Please keep posting... Ciao

  13. Yeah we're just a few who apprecciate what you do, but a girl so sexy like you deserves more than the 100 or 200 guys are follwing you periodically :(

    Greetings from Colombia

  14. Please don't post less! I appreciate you!!!

  15. Well, this is your blog Mina you know what you're doing with it. I love your pics but believe it or not I love the way you are your humor and all the crazy things that post (like pokemon, memes, etc.)

    If you leave this I'll miss you.