Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hi everyone!!

Im sorry that i havent updated my blog in a few days, im sure you've been checking in wondering when the next new set of pics will be up ;)

My thanksgiving was awesome, had a wonderful time with all my close friends, and the weather was BEAUTIFUL!!! like summer hot!

I had a test on this week that I wasnt really prepared for but at least i passed...not at the mark I would have liked, but i did pass.

Yesterday i was a model for one of my friends whos taking a course in eye lash extensions, so i got my eyelashes done for free :)  They look pretty good....looks just like my normal eyelashes, but really long, lol! But because im a sucker for big batting eyelashes, im still going to wear my false lashes on top! :D

Today I've spent some of my morning doing homework and its not very much fun :/ Im starting to get hungry too so i might go get dressed after i post this and go get some sushi...BRAIN FOOOOOOD

I also have a really hot Halloween video coming up I just have to edit it ;) I plan to do at least 2 this year but I will gladly do more if anyone buys me a Halloween Costume from my amazon wishlist!!!

Anyways, enough of my rambling on, enjoy these pics!! :D



  1. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving and can see your really busy so thanks for posting. That bra and purple pantie are super helps they are on you ....barely ;)

  2. Helooooo. Miss me? Been away alot so not been online. :-(

    Long eye lashes are gorge. Especially for a butterfly kiss ;-) goole it


  3. Purple n' black really suits you well :D

    Can't wait for the Halloween Video ;)

  4. Your fine lookos butt looks so hot in those cheeky short panties!!