Monday, September 19, 2011

Sexy Fishnet Fetish

hey guys!! I hope everyone is having a great monday! its quite damp and rainy here in toronto..not the most favourable weather but without the rain, we wouldnt have happy trees and yummy foods :)

I feel like today has gone by so fast!! I woke up early, almost immediately got out of bed, went grocery shopping, came home, warmed up some cabbage rolls for lunch, did some sexy work, then went to my real world job where i've been here since 3:30. Not sure how late i'll stay, depends on how busy it gets.

Tomorrow I have class so I'll also do my reading for tomorrow.

I hope everyone enjoys these pics and dont forget to check out the video i posted below!! :D



  1. Fishnets galore and you wear them sooo well. Super sexy part of Monday is Mina Monday. Thanks for posting

  2. Great pics! I love them! And btw good luck with your classes + job!

  3. Every pic gets hotter n' hotter! ;)

  4. You are always so stunningly beautiful and sexy, I hope you had a great Monday as these pictures sure helped mine.