Monday, September 12, 2011

hi guys! I hope everyone had a great weekend...

here in Toronto its currently TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) so the whole city is abuzz about all the celebrities passing through.

For TIFF, I decided to try getting a "real job" as you guys like to call it. I wont give many details but it's a full time job in retail...the only thing I'm not wild for is that it's 100% commission, no hourly wage. I'm working for a friend, if this were any other person or company I wouldn't dare work without an hourly wage.

So to anyone who had purchased a custom video, I greatly apologize for the delay and I'm still working on managing my time to make my videos and do this new job. I also have school starting tomorrow so that's going to be thrown into the scheduling mix.

Also, I'd like to remind everyone that my custom videos have officially gone up in price and are now $40usd.

Hope you enjoy these pics and that you had a good start to your week!



  1. If the customers see you, you wont need the hourly will get plenty and these pics are super sexy...dont recall seeing you in a one piece...but it sexy as anything else....have fun with that "real job"....its temporary and for a friend so thats all good

  2. Have some good moments at school! In what are you studying? Btw you are sexy as hell in this one piece!

  3. Love the new pictures and good luck with the new job and will school!

  4. Good luck with your "real job" I'm sure you'll do great!!!

    That's a little sexy one piece :D