Wednesday, September 28, 2011

hello there,

So earlier today i tweeted how i lost my mind on a guy on the street. But unfortunately, 140 characters isn't nearly enough to explain why.
In Toronto, especially downtown, there are ALWAYS people on the sidewalk trying to stop you to tell you about all sorts of different organizations. "Im a girl", save the animals, save the kids, save the earth, and whatever else you can think of that needs saving. And theres a LOT of them...theres literally the same ones, over and over and over.
On this particular day i happen to be walking down the street with a friend and we were in a heated argument. Its not often I argue with my friends, but this one happened to be while we were walking to get lunch together...strange, I know. Anyways, as I'm walking, I'm literally screaming at him. Its no secret whats going on. We looked like a crazy feuding couple! So as I'm passing these 2 people, 1 of them (a guy) says "Would you mind stopping to chat for a few moments?"

My immediate thoughts are "Bitch are you SERIOUS?" You see me walking down the street, arguing LOUDLY with someone and you want me to stop everything so you can ask me to give you money?! 

So without thinking, i yelled at him saying "You can OBVIOUSLY see me walking towards you YELLING in a fight and you fucking ask me to stop?!" 
In looking back I was way out of line for yelling at him, but seriously!!! who the hell does that?! But sir, whoever you are, if you happen to be reading this (which i highly doubt), I apologize for yelling at you. But seriously....asses a person from far away before asking them if they feel like chatting...Just a thought.

...Stay tuned for pics


  1. Yeah that guy should of stayed away from the start, sorry you had a huge argument with your friend.

  2. They are looking for money Mina....not caring about your personal business....they are everywhere....maybe worse there, but they have their priorities....not something you should feel to bad about at all.

  3. O I would sooo love to mess with people like that...."I would love to help you gather resources for your cause, but sadly I was sent back from the future to warn you that your cause started a civil war which almost destroyed the human please. stop...before it's too late" Then whisper into my watch.."I did it Sir, reporting to time shift cords for retrieval" while walking away...