Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hello loves!!

Friday night in London (Ontario) was awesome!! The party rocked!! I didnt get back to my hotel until about 3:00am or so which is much later then i'm used to staying up! If you've been following me for a while you know I keep hours like an old mom or something, lol.
I was on the road heading back to Toronto by 10am but some how only made it back to the city by 2pm with all my stops in between..Once I got back into the city i didnt do much. Took Chola for a walk, tried to have a nap and cancelled going into work on the account of being way too sleepy!!
Last night was another mostly sleepless night...lots of tossing and turning and even some bad dreams :( no fun at all...Which resulted in another very sleepy day, but at least I didnt do much today either. I had 2 brunches and soaked up LOTS of beautiful sunshine. Now i'm at work for another 30 minutes then I'm going to have sushi for dinner and finish up my night with the season premier of Boardwalk Empire!!! :D So excited that its back on!!!

I unfortunately dont really have any pics from Friday night but i'll see if I can find some online or from the other girls :)

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!!


Everyone who is owed videos for sending me presents will get them tomorrow :)



  1. Thanks Mina....sorry about the poor sleep..I know all to well...have super night and of course You always post pictures at some point.....always something to look forward to

  2. Sounds like one heck of a party!

    You always spoil us so no worries about not posting pics this post :)