Wednesday, September 7, 2011


This will be the last week that I offer my custom videos for $30usd and photos for $25usd.
As the demand for my videos is increasing, so are the requests. People are now asking for some very elaborate things in their videos, which I am always more then happy to fulfill, but not at $30.

To give you an example of "elaborate" I'm referring to scripts, multiple outfits, etc

For anyone who has been considering purchasing a video or photo set, i would suggest doing it this week because as of Monday September 12, 2011, the prices are increasing.

If i feel that the request is quite difficult or too elaborate, i may ask for more then $40usd, but I always base it on your requests.

I look forward to making LOTS of sexy custom videos for you in the future!!

*Big Kiss*



  1. I really think you should maybe flesh out exactly what you consider to be "elaborate".

  2. Can't say as I blame you for anything elaborate they should be required to pay a premium and not your standard rate, that should go without saying and they should ask you up front like I have in the past what would it cost for a special video with this scenario or photo set with these outfits. Normally anything more than one change of clothes should be extra. Just my opinion.

  3. No worries, still worth every penny, you work very hard on each and everyone of your videos/pics!

  4. The Catgirl pics are awesome Mina. I love you wearing those white stockings.