Wednesday, August 10, 2011

hello my loves!

today was my first day working out in over a week and man, was it tough!! im totally going to feel it in my legs tomorrow! Before my workout I took Chola out for a jog for about 30 minutes to burn some energy and to give me a bit of a warm up before my workout.
After my workout i had sushi for lunch, then came home and walked the dog again, answered some emails, had a shower, made a vlog (below) and now im chillin, about to have a snack and make some tea..

Anyone who gets me something off my Amazon Wishlist will not only get a sexy thank you video, but they'll also get a sneek peek of my pics from mexico!!

This is another new pair of panties I received, and if you check back tomorrow, they'll be some new pics of a different pair ;)

Hope everyone had a great hump day!!



  1. I wish I could get motivated to work'd be nice to get toned again, but you'll have that I suppose. You look very good, as always...nice bum ;) new panties are very sexy. Well, I'm at work so I better get back to it but thanks for sharing your beauty.

  2. hehe I'm sure you will be sore tomorrow but at least you know it'll all pay off! ;)

    Keep up the great work!!!

    Nice Panties!!! :D