Monday, August 8, 2011

good morning

hi everyone!!

for anyone whos been following me on Twitter, you know I've been feeling terribly ill with stomach pain. specifically abdominal pain...i wont get into details but lets just say it was severe enough for me to go to the hospital. I found out what was causing the pain and they gave me some pills for it.
Im feeling alright today and i'm ready to get to work on all my videos, photos, and editing that piled up while in Mexico!

In other news, I'm super pumped about how my interview with Naked News (below) turned out! If you havent seen it, you definitely need to give it a look!!

Here are a couple pics from behind the scenes of my interview that Miss Rachel Simmons had taken

Anyways, i hope everyone has a great day and i'll try to do a vlog today to tell you a bit more about my time in Mexico :)


  1. Loved your interview with Naked News and neat to see the behind the scenes pics....really glad your feeling better and look forward to hearing about your trip.

  2. Really enjoyed that interview, you looked so natural and comfortable in front of the camera and didn't seem that nervous when she asked questions :)

  3. The interview was amazing and you look stunningly beautiful... I'm glad to hear your feeling better and that you continue to get better.