Thursday, August 25, 2011

evenin loves! Ive been working like crazy all day!! making video, taking photos, editing videos and photos, along with sending them out, burning eyes are screaming at me right now...And speaking of which, i think this weekend I'm going to investigate an affordable pair of non prescription computer glasses that make it more bearable to work in front of a computer screen for 10+ hours a day.

I hope everyone is doing well, just a friendly reminder that my mexico photo special ends on the 31st and then the photos will be no more...

have a great evening!


  1. Blue, Purple, Pink, Red... those colors look so bold n' sexy on you, its like jaw dropping ;)

    Very unique outfit there!

  2. One very sexy outfit on your perfectly hot body...Thanks for sharing...

  3. Oh wow!! You look amazing in blue!!! Very sexy outfit too!!