Wednesday, July 6, 2011


hello my loves,

its almost 9:30pm and im thankfully in bed. Ive had a loooong and exhausting day, shooting for 6 hours straight. Usually when I do a photo shoot its only a couple hours, maybe 3 tops, but with this particular photographer, Mark Darren (who ive worked with in the past) its always a full day. Which isnt bad, its great, just very tiring.

As you probably know from twitter, i had a shoot on monday and tuesday as well...they went ok i guess, i def got a few shots out of both...

Someone (who will remain nameless) was super awesome and got me a $200 gift certificate to a salon in Toronto!! So I have an appointment tomorrow at 1pm to get a glaze (which is similar to color, but really just boosts your natural color), a trim and hair feather extensions!! i think i'll get 2 put in, i'm really excited because ive been wanting them for so long!! This is just an example from google images:

I'll post a couple of my recent shots in a separate post in a few minutes, just need to watermark them!!

I hope everyone had a great day :D



  1. Hard to say from the one shot...but very unique and sexy...the hair so different for you....I will love to see more...but that picture is sexy for sure

  2. Sounds like one hot hair style! Can't wait to see it! ;)