Friday, July 8, 2011


Bonjour my loves!

Ive had a great and busy day! I worked out, ran a bunch of errands and cleaned the house!! its 7pm and this is really the first time im sitting down to relax, and i'm also munching on some papaya :) After dinner (not sure what i'll have) I'll be sipping some sake! I've been saying all week im going to have a drink and tonight's the first opportunity im getting!

I tweeted earlier this week that I wanted to go to flirty girl fitness to meet some new girls and make friends, i still havent gotten the opportunity, but i have a gift certificate for $200 (10 classes) to try them out! They have about 50 different classes, everything from video vixen, strip tease, ab boot camp, pole dancing, and the list goes on!! I think I'll do the more intense stuff, like boot camps :)

Also, someone was kind enough to totally surprise me with this Sailor Moon manga off my Canadian Amazon wishlist!!!
Of course, just email me your amazon confirmation and i'll make you one hell of a thank you video!!! if anyone wants to get in my good books, ANYTHING sailor moon is the way to go!! i'm fucking obsessed!

I'm not too sure what else to tell you guys, but heres a few more pics from my shoot on Monday...I'm going to set up a package of 170 photos for anyone whos interested in purchasing...I'll have more details once its all done :) I'll do it over the weekend

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!


  1. Sexy pictures Mina....and you deserve a drink or more....I love those panties...totally hot....have a super weekend.

  2. You're one busy bee but I'm glad you're finally getting a well deserved relaxing night!

    I can't wait to see more pics from this photo shoot! Super Sexy and nothing but sexiness from you Mina ;)

  3. Glad you had a great day, I love this set so far, you look so beautiful and sexy!! Hope you have an awesome weekend....

  4. Enjoy your adult beverage. I know I always do after a busy day. Your pics look great. I don't think you need the ab class...yours look pretty ripped...and a nice ass...sorry...couldnt resist.

  5. Just wanted to say thanks for making my week-end great as well! Those custom videos and pictures I ordered from you damn near melted my monitor!! I didn't think your videos could get any hotter, damn was I wrong!!!

  6. You have a great weekend too!! You're even sexier than a macbook! lol

  7. Mina what a beautiful set of pictures... Love them.
    Hope you enjoy your weekend and sip on for more sake!