Thursday, July 28, 2011

quick update!

hey guys! i wanted to give you a quick update to let you know how things are going so far!
The resort is gorgeous, my room is SICK (i wish i had a professional photographer with me)...the service is impeccable!

the ONLY negative thing is that while attempting to make a vlog, i discovered that my Photo Booth (the program i use to make vids/pics) crashes every time i try to make a vid! I can take pics fine, its only video...ive tried fully resetting my computer, checking for updates, answers! if anyone knows anything please send me an email!

Aside from that everything is great, the skies cleared up and the sun is shining away :D so I'm off to go soak up some rays!!

chat soon!!


on the balcony
exhausted and waiting for my room in the lobby


  1. Wow, it looks beautiful there! You are going to get sooooo tan! lol. Have a fantastic time.

  2. It looks awesome and super nice to see you smiling. The video likely has something to do with their server or internet connection. Pics are much easier than media....but just have fun and post any pics you want ;)

  3. You look amazing I hope you have an awesome time!!

  4. Wow! The place looks amazimg!! Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great time.

  5. still very sweet of you to be blogging and taking pic n' vidz while on vacation! Now go enjoy your vacation ;)