Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Morning Update

Hi all!!

Just wanted to give you an update of how my weekend went. On Saturday, Chola somehow managed to hurt herself, i think she pulled a muscle or something because every time she moved a certain way, she would screech in pain and hied under the bed...i always feel so bad whenever shes in pain so it was hard for me to do anything other then coddle her all weekend, lol

Last night for dinner I went out with a few friends to the danforth (greek town in Toronto) and had an amazing "Greek Feast", it was soooo good!!! stuffed grape leaves, salad, dips, steaks, hot peppers, potatoes, rice, olives, chicken, wine...and im sure there was more :) deeeeelish!
When I got home I watched true blood and entourage..True Blood was great and I cant wait for next weeks, but Entourage, i was a little disappointed in, especially for a premiere, but thats just me..

Anyways, Im sipping a big ol smoothie before my workout at 11 then I'll see how I'm feeling and play it by ear on what I'll do :)

Hope everyone has a bad ass day and i'll be sure to post some pics for #minamonday!!


  1. Don't know about you but this season of True Blood is both making me love and hate it! Eric without a memory is the best thing the show has ever done but the whole were-panther thing makes me groan every time!! SO over that storyline...

  2. Sorry to hear about Chola, but glad to hear you otherwise had a great weekend. I again wanted to thank you for the awesome pictures you sent Sunday night they were so smokin hot!! You are such a beautiful and sexy young lady and these pictures showed just how sexy you are.

  3. Sounds like you had a good weekend, other than an ailing pooch. I've never eaten Greek before, sounds good though. I used to watch true blood but ive been out of it for a couple seasons. I'm anxiously awaiting season four of sons of anarchy. That's the only show I've ever religiously watched. Always look forward to your sexy pics and vids ;)

  4. Sorry about Chola....get well soon....always love TrueBlood and can't wait for next week....very addicting show...glad you enjoy it too...thanks for the update and have a great day

  5. That was a busy weekend you got there. You never replied to my email ;(

  6. Hope Chola gets well soon!

    Sounds like you still had a fun filled weekend!

    One of these days I gotta find a good Greek restaurant in the city