Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Hi everyone!!

Ive had a bit of a busy day today..lots of emails, errands, and i enrolled in university ^_^ I figured it was about time i dipped my toes in the water of post secondary education! i had no idea how expensive university is!! bit of a bummer but it will be a good asset :)

i also cleaned my house and i feel SOOO much better!! its the little things in life that I really appreciate, like a good home cooked meal, close friends, and a clean house! lol

also, here are the pics from my sunday :) i started my day at the rooftop of the Thompson Hotel, then headed to the beaches in Toronto, it was fun :D

Hope everyone is having a great day and dont forget about my photo special!! 170 pics, $50 ;)  info@minastefan.com for details


  1. I hope you'll get to pursue more of your secondary education! Anything in particular you wanted to focus on?

    BTW always like your candid pics when you're out and about :D

  2. So what is your major going to be? You are always so beautiful and sexy and it looks like you had a great time....

  3. I love that everywhere outside of the US, people call it 'university'. We call it college here.

  4. @maddmatt in canada we have both college and university. College is more "hands on" and university is more theory I suppose

  5. How cool! You are going back to school. I support ya!