Friday, June 24, 2011


Hey Guys!!

So I asked on Twitter last night if you guy liked when i post actual blog updates on my life or if you prefer only pics/vids...and I was actually really happy that 98% of you preferred to hear about meeee!! :D You guys are great!!

So, here's whats been going on...

Its summer time, Ive been spending lots of time outdoors as well as ive been keeping busy with custom video orders for people ;)

Today, i received a super awesome package from Playboy and The Smoking Jacket :D I dont want to spoil the surprise, but come August, there's some awesome things happening!! I'll be sure to keep you updated ;)

I've also been speaking with some photographers to do some more shoots, its just tricky because half of them that I speak to, end up being pervy and make inappropriate comments about my blog...Ugh...but, I'm just going to have to keep looking till I find a great one that makes me feel comfortable!

This morning I also had quite the mishap with some liquid latex...I thought I would do a super sexy photo set for you all covered in latex and I had this awesome vision in my head...well, it turned out HORRIBLE. FIrst of all, latex has LOTS of ammonia in it for preservation purposes, so it almost made me blind, lol. then, it was too think to pour over me so i thought, ok, I'll just rub it on...big got all gross and clumpy, then it wouldnt come off!!! i was sure i was going to have crusty purple tits for never again.

I hope you like these pics i took today, I'm kind of diggin the Sepia look...I wish there was a way to download for effects for Mac's Photobooth...

Have a superb weekend my loves and dont forget to spoil you're favorite pin up girl! ;)

LOL at Chola


  1. You went through a lot today...and still you manage to do a sexy blog...Thanks Mina....the ones without your panties kill.....good luck finding a good photographer because we all wanna see that....stay away from the latex...awesome idea, but not worth your suffering!

  2. Love the Sepia effect of these as well, they are very well done and you look as sexy as ever, thanks for sharing with us and can't wait to find out what Playboy sent you....

  3. Can't wait to see the August surprise! :D

    You'll find the right photographer! The Smoking Jacket should be doing weekly if not daily features on you ;)

    Sorry to hear the liquid laxtex didn't go as well, maybe another time or hopefully a better way to apply the stuff.