Monday, June 6, 2011


Hi guys,

its been a while since i did an update for you to tell you about me and whats going on. I apologize for not posting some pics in a few days but all this beautiful weather has me wanting to be outside frolicking in the flowers rather then being inside. I think tomorrow's the day i take some more pics :) I also want to do another photoshoot for you guys, I still havent forgotten about a few things i said i was going to do for you guys, but the stars need to align before i can get them done!! 

I hope everyone has been having a good life, lol, no bad things, and hopefully its been hot and sunny where you are! 

we'll chat soon!!



  1. I loved getting to see this pic on has to get removed by them...but just as sexy on your blog....don't blame you for being outside...its the time of year for it. Super hot in Florida, but thats the norm....glad its nice up there and you are enjoying it. And thanks for this super sexy picture.

  2. Enjoy the weather! Enjoy Life to the fullest... All work and no play would make us all go coo coo lol

  3. Mmmmm que delicia!
    es un placer mirarte cada dia.

  4. Love this picture! Very pin-upy. Love that classic style and you have a great body for it.

    Any ideas?