Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sexy Little Blue Bird

Here's some photos that I took while making my new FREE vid, which is in the post below!! I always enjoy doing these kinds of things for you guys and if you'd like to show your appreciation for all my hard work on this FREE BLOG that i run (all my by myself), you can do so by spoiling me with a little gift off my wishlist!! I work really hard on this and it's all for you guys, so sometimes spoiling me in lieu of paying for a monthly membership, isnt such a bad deal...and if you do decide to spoil me, I'll send you a VERY SEXY custom video as thanks :) You can check out some testimonials here

Anyways, have a great evening everyone!! 


  1. I really dig the blue n' teal theme of late! ;)
    You're the most beautiful and generous model in the world!

  2. That video was super sexy and I really love those panties your barely the pictures....I have spoiled before and am looking at your list again ;)

  3. And I hope to see this little blue lingerie set on your blog some day will have it soon!

  4. I think this is my all time fav set you! That color is gorgeous on you!