Saturday, May 7, 2011


Hello my lovers :)

I apologize for not updating as often this week, i dont have much of a reason for it other then perhaps feeling uninspired and lazy...the weather in toronto has been less then pleasant with all the chilly winds. its practically mothers day and some people are still wearing winter coats! miserable, i know.

Speaking of mothers day, i really wish that i could go see my mom tomorrow but without a car, its just not possible. I know I'll see her soon enough, but still, shes my mommy and i wanna be able to spend her special day with her

I heard a rumor that today there was $1 pancakes at mcdonalds!! So i got out of bed early just to go to mcdonalds and investigate this...which it turned out it was only available in the US :'(  *womp womp*
I still got the coffee anyways, which, btw, is actually AMAZING!! I dont know what changes they made, but if you like a regular brewed coffee, you NEED to try mcdonalds, lol...ridiculous, i know!! LOL the point of me telling you about the coffee was that the coffee lid smiles at you when its open!! :D <-- just like that!! it totally made my day :D

other then that, heres a few pics of what i wore out today...wish I had brought an extra sweater, but oh well!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday and people, dont forget to call the significant females in your life and remind them you love them :)



  1. Love the pics, you look sexy in glasses....I wish I had known about the pancake deal lol....I was even out and about by there, but oh well, you look amazing....thanks for posting.

  2. I really luv the pics, it reminds me of that smart yet good looking girl in class and then she takes off her glasses and its like "WOW" ;)

    Hope you got something nice for your Mom for Mother's Day at least. Too bad you can't get a car service to take you to her.

  3. The glasses make you look so much younger, but you're still amazingly beautiful! Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful moms of the world.

  4. You looked beautiful and sexy as always, hope you have an awesome Sunday...