Monday, April 18, 2011

Personal Safety

Sometimes you guys dont realize it, and I dont often speak of it, but I have had, some pretty serious stalkers, both online and in real life. Thankfully, my real life stalkers have gone into hiding for the time being, but I'm always afraid that they'll resurface...
But I also have some online ones as well...I dont really understand the purpose of stalking and obsessive verbal abuse, but it always scares me that theres the possibility that they will take it a step further and try to find where I live. And for what? To attack me? Call me a whore in person??
Whatever the reason is, thankfully theyre words dont upset me or even make me flinch because you think its the first time ive been called hurtful names? My skin is so thick i dont even feel it anymore...I'm also thankful for all of my fans and the people ive grown to have relationships with :) All of you guys and your kind words make me happy every day and give me the motivation to be more creative

Just felt like sharing this

Have a good monday!!



  1. Very good point Mina....I don't wanna worry about any stalkers for you.....and always remember when I'm inviting you to Florida,l am just kidding....just letting you know its warm here.
    Have a super Monday!

  2. just make sure your careful Mina,,, there's a lot of wacky people out there!!

  3. Some people are just jealous of your beauty. Maybe if this continues, you should post their email/twitter/FB and everyone can spam them. Just a thought. Be safe and stay classy Mina! :)

  4. I am sorry to hear about these types. Thank you for all you do...

  5. Hate to say it, but you can never be too careful. I always tell my nieces that women in general should play it safe on the internet. There's WAY too many weirdos out there.