Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Morning

Good morning everyone...
Before I tell you about my weekend in as little words as possible, Id like to remind you of one thing.
Try to be conscious of what you say to people, and how you say never know how it might effect their day, good or bad.

now, time to point form my weekend.


morning : went to toronto comic con, it was free, so why not?
afternoon: came home and put dinner in the oven, cleaned the house
evening: played pokemon
night: watched a bit of a movie and played more pokemon.


morning: went to eat cereal....out of milk...FAIL.


  1. Sorry about the milk Mina...glad you enjoyed the comic con though....I love those things. Good point about being careful about what you really can affect how someone feels

  2. That's how I am without my cereal! lol