Saturday, April 9, 2011

good morning!!

good morning lovers!!

Last night I watched the movie Middle Men and it turned out to be great! Especially because its a true story! I love movies based on true stories, makes them so much more interesting :)

Its looking sunny outside, but that doesnt mean could still be only +2 which still makes for a freezing day in April :( I'm so ready for summer!!

To give you guys an update on my health, a few of you have been suggesting it could be a caffeine withdraw, and i very seldom drink coffee...I'm a solid tea drinker...and even still half the teas i drink dont have enough caffeine in them to do any damage like this...Yesterday I was actually feeling pretty good, and Im still in bed right now so I'm hoping that today's is another feel good day :) I started taking a mulit vitamin and hopefully that's all it was!!

Anyways, too much rambling...Dont forget about my amazing photo special below, $50 for 150 high rez pics!!! for questions


  1. Morning Sexy, love the picture and I hope you are back to feeling normal soon....

  2. Glad to hear!
    Nice to know it wasn't caffeine withdrawal. I get major headaches from not having enough caffeine :P

    Hope the multivitamin do help from here on :)

    And again thank you for the pic set! Worth every bitty penny :D