Saturday, April 16, 2011

Forgotten Pics!

I totally forgot about these!! They were on my camera and I just never bothered to take them off until now... I hope you like my hidden treasures ;)

Rollers he he :)

Mind the no make up :/

One of my FAV teas!! 


  1. Very sexy...I love pink and you wear it well....cute picture in your hair rollers too!!

  2. Pink is a great color for you! Gorgeous!

  3. Hot pics...I couldn't help but giggle at the "double butt shot"...Chola is trying to copy Mommy, how cute...and you are so beautiful without makeup ;)

  4. So thats the tea, you're so fond of :)

    You look amazing in hot pink, you should be the T-Mobile girl instead ;)

  5. I agree with everyone. You always look beautiful but you're especially pretty in pink :)