Tuesday, March 22, 2011


hahaha i love spelling things the way they sound!

Today I had an oddly fast paced day...I cant believe its already 5:30! I just finished making some custom videos and took some pics for the blogger-ooo. I also went for a tan, made a pie, did some laundry, played some video games...Its mighty cold outside and I wish I had some boots other then my uggs. They're not as comfortable as they seem nor do they look that great :/ Theres a pair on my wishlist that are on clearance that would be perfect!!!

Speaking of wishlists and such, someone bought me this super sexy lace mini dress off my wishlist and I made you a hot video as thanks!! The seller didnt include a packing slip so you'll have to email me at info@minastefan.com with your proof of purchase :) And someone also bought me a Pokemon Strategy Guide!! ^_^  Same deal, email me and I'll send you a vid!! (I havent made the vid yet because you get to request what I wear!)

I hope everyone is having a good day!!!

Love your faces


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  1. That is one hot dress! Ms. Mina being naturally sexy as always ;)