Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Apron!

Hey everyone, I hope you had a great day yesterday, I know I did!!! I went to the Comic Convention and had a blast!! It wasnt too busy so I was able to comfortably walk around, chat with some of the artists...and I even saw some friends of mine there, lol. Some highlights of the evening were 
1) seeing my friend Kim and learning she was in one of my favorite zombie movies, Dawn of the Dead
2) being hit on by Dustin Diamond aka Screech from Saved by the Bell
3) finding sailormoon posters for 3/$10!!
4) just as I'm about to leave I saw one of the artists made a sailormoon sketch and gave it to me for $2!!! :D 

Those are my main highlights...I would def go back, or even to a bigger one!! And I would totally hit up the anime convention...I think its going on right now maybe.... 

Anyways, Check out my new cute Apron that I got as a birthday gift!!! Isnt it adorable?!?! I actually need this because Im quite messy when I make things and its also perfect to wear when I'm playing videogames on the couch and the dog INSISTS on sitting on me...

I hope everyone has a great Saturday, the weather is looking pretty nice out :)



  1. Love your new apron. Happy Belated Birthday too.

  2. OMG wow, now that's what I call one hot cook!!! ;)

    But awesome to hear you had a blast at the convention and yeah you should see if you could go to ComiCon someday :D

  3. That is sexy Mina, good color for you....and lack of coverage in the back is much appreciated. I love those Comic cons....we dont get good ones in my part of Florida, but excellent ones in Orlando and Tampa....have a great day.

  4. Very nice. Seems to fit your personality well.

  5. Glad to hear you had a good time at the convention. That is really cool you got to see your friend and got those Sailor Moon items.

    That apron is really cute on you. Chola like to play along when you play video games?

  6. glad you had a nice time :) have a great weekend!