Tuesday, February 22, 2011


hey guys!!

I toooold yah it was gonna be a few days before I was back in action! Whats up?! I'm almost settled into my new place, there are just a couple things that aren't done yet, like my wardrobe doors aren't put on yet and my chandelier is being repaired :( Oh yea, and I also dont own a television :/ sooo, if anyone wants to treat me to a TV for me birthday (March 15).... *wink wink...nudge nudge*
Im also really happy that I'm back to cooking for myself every night! Its so good to be able to control what im eating and how im cooking it! It makes me a happy girl!!
what i'm NOT happy about is that I havent been to a gym in a week or a tanning salon in over a month T_T im starting to feel not so pretty :( *sigh* I'm going to have to start looking for a new gym in my area and tanning salon...
Anyhoo! Here are a couple pics of meee!!! and you can kinda see my nurbles....or at least that I was chilly

Have a great night everyone!!



  1. Glad to hear you are almost settled into the new place. I have to call BS on you not being pretty...impossible...

  2. Hope things get setteled for you soon, you doo look so sexy, even your nurbles....

  3. even in the most simplistic outfits, you are simply stunning! hope your area has a lot to do and what kind of TV were you looking for?

  4. Revealing, yet hidden. Very nice ;) And I have to say that even if you haven't been to the gym/tanning in a while, you still look amazing. I would be more than happy to keep you warm any day :D

  5. I thought someone was staring at me...
    then realised it was your raspberries ;-)

  6. Might be my favorite set yet! Gorgeous, can we get that tee a lil wet next time? hehe