Sunday, February 13, 2011

sunday funday!

morning everyone!!
Last night I went to Overxxxposed, which is an art exhibit featuring photographers and artists form all over the world, but the theme is sexuality.  You can buy certain pieces as well, and I feel in love with a specific set of photos and I think I might die if I dont have them! lol I'm trying to contact the photographer Rick Ikon to see how much they are and maybe he'll give me a deal if i purchase 3 of the set...we'll see.

Today I have plans to hang out with my mom more. Were going to go for dim sum and then probably walk around china town and kensington market. I'll also probably leaving my phone at home because my mom doesnt like when I have my phone out all the time, she feels it distracts me from her, lol, which it does! hahaha

Anywayssss, I hope everyone has a great day and for those who purchased videos and gifts for me, I'll be making my videos for you tomorrow :

Thank you to Jose for the awesome wallpaper!!! :D


  1. Thanks for the update Mina...and that picture...your an Angel

  2. Hope you'll be able to get those art works :)
    Enjoy your day with your Mom... I think we all get distracted with our phones lol