Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Hump Day

I really dont have much to talk about today...I slept awful last night due to the crazy winds from last nights snownami...(snowy tsunami)
Im feeling a bit under the weather today also...chills, upset stomach, weird headache...I have some pics to do then I think im going to put on some sweats and chill out...maybe play some pokemon(heartgold)...Im totally stuck at the last gym trying to beat Clair, the Dragon trainer and shes effin strong!!
If anyone wants to play with me send me an email and we'll exchange friend codes!! ^_^
Anyways, here's a "Pic of the Day"

I also want to remind you guys of the really big photo special Im having right now and its only going to be around until Valentines day!! And speaking of Valentines Day, I "organized" my Amazon Wishlist so now when you go to it, you'll see that theres no more lingerie mixed in, thats because if you look to the LEFT, you'll see "Sexy Stuff" and all of it is there :)

I hope everyone is having a great day and for those of you in the GTA, enjoying your snow day!!


  1. Happy Hump day to you too, hope you get to feeling better soon. The picture special, is so awesome and so worth the price. Looking sexy as always in this post.

  2. That is a super sexy picture Mina...I love when you pose like that...kinda playing with your panties.....anyway, better if you feel hopefully tomorrow you will.

  3. That is one super hot pic!!! Stay warm and hope you will fully recover :)

  4. Got hit with a snownado? That sucks...feel better...your pic of the day warmed me up...

  5. OMG!!!!

    those knickers are amazing. I love the type where they have bows and can be untied