Saturday, February 19, 2011

goodnight/morning (?)

its exactly midnight as i start to write this blog entry...ive had a hectic 18 hour day of moving, running around, furious feet, legs, knees, back...especially my back are all killing me, right down to the bones. Its all the process of moving, i know, but its so painful!! lol

In brighter news, I went to my mailbox place to pick up a package and to my disbelief it was my missing packages from NYC that I could have sworn were lost in the mail!!! Im so thrilled about it!! But I am noticing that there are a few items that didnt seem to make it...perhaps customs had gone through everything and confiscated them?? I'll be sure to post a photo of each item I received....But it wont be for a couple days because I need to get my place in order!

Anyways, I'm in my new bed, with my unfamiliar mattress and I'm praying I get a solid nights sleep...I hope I have enough energy and time to update my blog tomorrow!


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  1. good luck getting some much needed sleep.

  2. That's awesome that most of them didn't get lost! Good luck the rest of the way with the move and that is one lovely pic! :D