Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday already?

its funny, because i suppose that I knew it was friday but I had such a wonderful time at my friends art gallery exhibit that it felt like a weekend, so when I woke up, i could have sworn the sun was shining the exact same was it does when its sunday >_> suspicious sun...

But even after a bunch of wine and a midnight serving of rigatoni bolognese I'm surprised that I woke up feeling great :)

I'm really excited that my mom is coming down tonight and is spending the weekend here (in a different hotel) because I really dont get to see her as much as i would like...I used to drive up to see her every weekend and have saturday night dinner there...but since I was away in NY for a year and now that I'm back (with no car) its difficult to get across the city, let alone up to the country...maybe in the summer I'll look into getting a cheap little beater :)

Anyways,  today I'm expecting a few more packages to arrive and I have to look for a near by groomer to cut Chola's nails...I feel so bad that they're so long and I cant cut them myself :/

But, non the less, I hope everyone has a great day and like usual, keep your eyes open on twitter and facebook for when I make new posts because you know I always spoil you with pics ;)

Happy Friday!!



  1. you're welcome to show up here wearing that anyday

  2. Another very sexy outfit and I love the bow in your hair, it adds a certain charm to the shot...

  3. I love that outfit...the see through adds to the sexiness of the whole outfit....of course with your and your perfect butt in it, its perfect. I love garters..mmmm

  4. have a great weekend Mina :) great pics as always!

  5. You have such a cute expression in the first pic. Strategically placed bows too LOL...