Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Already?

Hi everyone,

I feel like Friday came so fast!! I also wasnt feeling too hot for the past couple days so that might have had something to do with it...Im not feeling 100% today but im feeling much better then I was. I already ran a couple errands (bank, pharmacy, post office, etc) and now im feeling a bit tired (from still being sick)...
I was googling my symptoms yesterday and I may actually have an allergic reaction! And i have a feeling that its from my shampoo and conditioner...Now, I dont expect you to know this but 1 side (i wont say which) of my face is actually swollen because its broken out so bad! I NEVER EVER get pimples like this and I did start using a different shampoo recently so that might be it. Anyways, I bought some new stuff and hopefully that will help get rid of it ASAP!!!

Other then that stuff I plan to go to the gym later since Ive been a bit lazy about it recently and just because I got an ugly face doesnt mean i need an ugly body too! LOL

I hope everyone has a great Friday :D



  1. Everytime I see you new post it puts a smile n my face :) Thank You for being such a sweetheart! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Sorry about all of that Mina....but there is no ugly anywhere on you ever....and that will clear up....thanks for the super sexy picture and glad your feeling better .

  3. You an ugly face? Never happen, Hope you recover and are back to your normal self soon.

  4. I'm sure by the end of today you'll feel more like your normal self :)

    BTW that's one hot hot hot pic! Must of been an awesome photo shoot!

  5. Im guessing its the left side that is swollen seeing as how u took that pic turning to the right and u can NEVER have an ugly face with yur gorgeous beauty!!