Thursday, January 6, 2011

Today :)

So after I did most of my work, I was famished and had to get out of the hotel for some food...So i had just the thing in mind - Bim Bim Bap!!! its cheap, its delicious and its sure as hell filling!!! :D
I was surprised at how hard it was snowing when I got outside. In a matter of a block there was already lots of snow on the ground and it wasnt melting...Just snowing like crazy!! APOCALYPTIC!!! Lol, ok, maybeim exaggerating a bit, but it was still pretty snowy. After my yummy lunch, it really wasnt that cold out, so i decided to go for a walk to get a tan. Now, where I tan is pretty far away from my hotel, at least a 30 minute walk, today it was a little longer, more like 45 mins but by the time I got there, I was def ready to warm up!
Now i'm back in the hotel, I already had a nice mint hot chocolate and I might make a tea to continue my warm, fuzzy, cuddly feeling :3  <---thats a cute face

Hope you guys like the pics I took along the way


snowy on queen st

snow bunneh 

o hai!



  1. I have yet to indulge into Korean food but that dish looks yummy and you still look amazing in that coat ;)

  2. You're really beautiful! And what an amazing cleavage!

  3. thats not snow :P these pics are now hehe. This was a few weeks ago in the UK.

    btw you look cute all wrapped up warm :)