Tuesday, January 25, 2011

titillating tuesday

...well, that's a bit of a stretch. I'm less then titillated with all this nonsense that's going on with AlertPay, but I crossed a very important bridge this morning and was 2/3 of the way verified! Im now just waiting for my 2 "micro deposits" from them to verify my bank account then i'll be up and running!!! God only knows how long that could take but I'm checking every hour so that I can be back to selling you guys sexy pics and videos!!! :D

Anyways, in the spirit of #tittytuesday, here's a pic.



  1. That's awesome news, I know this has been a real pain in your sexy ass ;) but looks like the end is near. Always love your titty Tuesday posts!!

    Bob (@cacowboy48)

  2. i'm surprised about PayPal, just as long as you get set up with AlertPay you'll be fine!

  3. Thanks for the sexy view Mina ....helps my day....good luck with alertpay...sorry its been such a hassle.

  4. So glad to hear the process is going along well and that youl'll be back in business; btw I luv that outfit on you, very sexy! ;)