Monday, January 31, 2011

Hacker strikes again...

well hacker...i say kudos to you for attacking my web hosting and disabling my emails and site forwarding. But the real question here is "Why?" it my charismatic presence even through the online world? Or could it be that you dont like me on a personal note...Perhaps an ex boyfriend? ex girlfriend? ex friend?? Whoever you are, its kind of strange but remember, even if you successfully "take me down", Blogger is a wonderful FREE site that will allow me to make a new blog every time...So until next time...


  1. Dear Mr/Mrs. Hacker
    Why do you have to mess with Ms.Minas site and such....your effin it up not just for mina but for all of us, who enjoy checking her out and seeing what's new with her....why don't you get out of your moms basement and see what the world has to offer.......johnnybutt out......PS don't get mad at us!

  2. ex girlfriend ? boner for days... lol