Sunday, January 30, 2011

Good Sunday Morning

Good morning everyone,

As you can see by my previous post, someone last night tried to hack my blog and change all my info but thankfully for Joe, he informed me of my blog being "down" in time for me to break back into my own blog and change all my info...Tomorrow morning I plan to enhance the security on it so that there are no more issues.

On a different note, some of you have been asking about why i removed the "reaction" buttons, and the reason for that is because i get tired of looking at some loser always clicking "booooring" on ALL my posts, and having them up for a few days gave me an idea of what you guys do and dont like...

But anyways, here are some more photos from the shoot the other night in a more pin up style outfit...hope you like!!!

Oh, and before I forget, If you really want to show me how much you appreciate my blog, I ask that you please vote for me for Miss Facebook USA


  1. I never understand why anyone would do that to you whether it was checking off boring or try to worrrien your site :(

    But you look sexy as ever in this picture set! :)

  2. Love the garters Mina, very sexy. That is classic Pin Up material.

  3. Beautiful as always..
    As for the idiot who kept marking your posts as boring, if they are so boring, why would they keep coming back?

  4. Mina, I don't know if you seen it...but in the 6th picture there is a nippple not covered.
    Or you did it on purpose. Just had to say it for sure!


  5. Love this set, you look so sexy....

  6. Thanks Tom, I actually didnt see that! But its gone now ;)

  7. No problem Mina, It could damage your image.
    I just love your pictures...because you make it sexy by not showing your nipples and your genitales.
    Keep doing that!

    Don't mind my grammer. I'm dutch;)

    Come and say hi sometimes at my Facebook;)

    And bye bye in Dutch: Doei (I sounds boring)

  8. You look beautiful! love that outfit!

  9. this is what makes a sunday morning to a good sunday morning! Love them!

  10. Great photos. As always, you are incredibly sexy, but I have to say the one with you smiling is the best because of your smile.