Friday, January 28, 2011


Happy friday everyone!!

Today is going to be a BUSY day for me!! I have about 25-30 videos to make, plus going to the gym, errands to run and a shoot tonight at 7:30.  I'm sure by the end of the day I'll end up collapsing from exhaustion but thats a good thing i suppose *wink*

I'm STILL waiting for this damn AlertPay stuff to get finished because i'm sure a lot of you are wanting to pick up some hot pics and vids from me!!

Anyways, here are some very sexy pics that I took JUST for you guys *wink*  and dont forget to click the little link in RED to see more pics!!

Hope you have a great day!!



  1. Very sexy!! I would love to wake up next to you seeing you wearing that!

  2. Oh My Gosh Mina, those are sooo sexy....I love what your barely wearing there. That shot from behind has things moving LOL....but really I love those. I need to start an album of these pictures. Good luck with your shoot tonight, I bet it will turn out awesome.

  3. Very interestingly made dress, I love how it hides the important pars but reveals others to be very alluring!!

  4. Good luck today! Awesome outfit to warm up the morning ;)

  5. who checked boring....get a life!!

  6. Johnnybutt27 says Holy shit!

  7. You have style and attraction like no other. Thanks for sharing and jazzing up my day!