Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fan Mail

Hi Mina,

I'm a new fan. To be honest I had never heard of you until around Christmas time when I saw your Christmas video on Barstool Sports and I was blown away. It was ridiculously sexy and I was hooked. 
Since then I have been a daily viewer of your blog and twitter page and all I can say is, thank you. The stuff you post can really turn a person's day around. You are obviously a very attractive woman and so sexy it hurts. I think the best part about the pics/vids you post is what you leave to the imagination. As a man, we want that instant gratification - nudity - but with you, it's almost sexier without seeing all of you. 
Bear in mind, I have no doubt you nude is absurdly hot. 
Keep of the great work because it helps me stay warm through these Boston winters.

To view the Christmas video this fan is referring to CLICK HERE

1 comment:

  1. Your X-Mas video made headlines it sounds like ;)
    You are AMAZING as you are!