Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baths :)

You guys may, or may not know this about me but not only do I LOVE baths, being a pisces and all...or I thought I was o_O...but anyways, not only do I love baths, but I also love eating while bathing hahahaha. I always have a coffee, or tea, or some sort of "hand" food like fruit or something easy with me in the bath or shower...LOL and of course because im also a crazy dog lady, I share almost everything with Chola, my little chihuahua ^_^


  1. I'm sure bubble baths really help relax you :)

  2. Dear Mina:

    Gorgeous as ever. Candid shots like these prove that you aren't "created" by the camera -- you are merely recorded :)

    p.s. your lips look like they taste YUMMY... do you ever wear flavored lip gloss?